Top Trading Strategies to Make Profits in Stock Market

Published On: 05th May, 2020 | By: Sachin G. Kamte

Here are the Strategies in F&O which can help you earn 0.5% to 5% every day and sometimes even more.

Have you lost money in Futures and options no matter how many times you try.?

Even if you take calls and tips from top paid analysts.

Not able to decide how the market will vary? Then these strategies will help you gain profit no matter how the market and stock varies. Read through and change the way you trade in F&O.

Many times due to high volatility in the market, investors who invest in F&O lose a lot of money due to wrong strategies or investing blindly on the calls given by stockbrokers and other analysts. F&O can be used to make profits in the stock market even if the stock or index moves either direction. If invested intelligently F&O can be used to make profits easily. So we have put forth 6 strategies in F&O which can help you make profits. With these F&O strategies the loss can be kept to a minimum, and profits can be increased slowly and steadily.

No one teaches these tactics in any course, but for successful trading you must know these strategies. Else when you trade in F&O losses are guaranteed. Because investing in F&O without a proper strategy is like jumping in the well without knowing swimming.

So learn these tactics and strategies in F&O and trade with low risk and make profit slow and steadily.

Strategy 1: Futures paralleled with Options Strategy 1

If you have funds to buy two lots of futures, then you can use this tactic to reduce risk in futures by 60%.

Has this ever happened to you? You buy a future based on a call given by a well-known analyst and you go through a loss.

If yes, then you must learn this tactic to use it in the future.

How to use this, the timing and the procedure is explained in detail in this trade setup.

With this trade setup you can make profit with least risk possible. We will be giving you the example of ICICIBANK.

Strategy 2: Futures paralleled with Options Strategy 2

Want to make profits in futures even if it varies either side. Then this strategy will help you do that.

This tactic works like a charm on most of the days in a month. You will be able to make profits even if index or stock increases in value or decreases its value.

This is one of the best strategies to make profit in any market conditions.

But remember the amount of profit that can be made per day is a maximum of 2 percent.

You will not be able to make more than that. But profit with this strategy is guaranteed.

All the details about this call is given here in this trade setup with ICICIBANK as an example.

Buy and learn this trade setup to increase your worth slowly and steadily with F&O everyday for the rest of your life.

Strategy 3: Option Only Strategy 1

Have you lost money by buying just the Call option or Put options based on the calls and tips given by analysts? Then you are not trading options properly.

Never buy only a Call or Put as it has a lot of risk attached with it.

Always buy both. But again, with random timing and execution you might lose all the money invested because of time value.

With proper timing and execution, a profit of 0.5% to 2% can be achieved every day.

Remember calls and tips which promise 150% to 200% profit always comes with a 100% risk.

This strategy can be carried out only on some days of a week to gain this profit.

Buy this strategy and learn it thoroughly to make profits in options slowly and steadily.

The best part of this strategy is the risk is also confined to 1% of your investment.

This strategy has no fund requirement as such. We will use NIFTY as an example.

Strategy 4: Option Only Strategy 2

If you have funds to buy two lots of future then there is a strategy where you can make money by shorting Options in day trading.

In this tactic the time value of an option can be fully utilized and made a profit.

This comes with its own risk but if you are able to watch the market continuously from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM without fail then you can make full profit by this tactic.

Timings and strategy vary from time to time but it can be used efficiently with practice.

Complete details and factors which are to be considered are given in the setup.

We will be giving BANKNIFTY as an example for this setup.

Strategy 5: Options Buying paralleled with Options selling Strategy 1

This is another strategy to make use of the time value of an option and make profit.

This uses shorting option capability fully and lets you make profit on some days of the month.

This has a fund requirement. A minimum of 2.2 times the fund required to buy a lot of future.

This has a risk of only 2 - 5% which is the best you can get in option trading.

And you can also make upto 12% in one month by using this strategy.

Days in which you can use this strategy, timing, stop loss plan and the complete procedure has been explained here in this trade setup.

Buy this trade setup to make profits in options. This has to be followed on some days of a month and for the rest of the days you can use strategy 6. To make more profit.

Strategy 6: Options Buying Paralleled With Options Selling Strategy 2

As you should know the strategy 5 can be used for just 2 or 3 days out of 5 days a week. If you want to day trade all 5 days a week then learning this strategy is a must.

As mentioned this can be executed just 2 days a week.

Even this has a fund requirement. A minimum of 1.3 times the fund required to buy a lot of future is needed.

This has a very low risk of 1% to 2% of the investment.

This is one of the best ways to make profit in options. This has a very low risk compared to any other type of investment in options.


These tactics are very important for any trader to know. Because this will allow any investor to make money slowly and steadily in options without added risk which generally comes with options.

Learn these strategies to trade with the proper knowledge as how proffessionals trade without teaching it to anyone.

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