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Best Trade Setups For You

Art Of Hedging

Futures With Options

Rs. 999.00

Strategy 1

Futures With Options

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 2

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 3

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 4

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 5

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 6

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

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Confused with calls given by Brokers and Researchers? Don’t Blindly invest in it!

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Knowmystock gives user a detailed step by step guide on how to trade based on the call details provided by the user. We have 3 different plans depending on what he/she opts.

Starts @ Rs.149 / call
  • Step By Step Guide For Trading Stocks
  • Personalised Training Guide based on your requirement
Future and Options
Starts @ Rs.249 / call
  • Personalised Training Guide based on the No. of Lots you can buy
  • Step By Step Guide For Trading Futures and Options
Options Only
Starts @ Rs.249 / call
  • Option Buy Trade Setup
    No Shorting of Options
  • Step By Step Guide For Trading Options

Note: We don't give calls, stock tips or any recommendations. Call Details should be provided by you. Our team will process your request within 1 to 3 trading hours.

How it Works?
Investor Enters The Call Details
Investor enters call details like Scrip Name, Current Price, Call Source, Investing Amount etc given by other sources.
Our Team Will Analyse Your Request
We analyse the stock and give you a detailed personalized step by step guide on how to trade as soon as possible based on your requirement.
Customer Support
We will always give you a good customer support if you have any queries regarding your investment.
Best Features of Our Trade Setup
  • Easy to follow and understand.

  • Reduces risk and Increases overall Profit.

  • Profits even if market moves either ways.

  • Low Price for big rewards.

  • Personalized Guide.

  • 15 years experienced Team.

  • Fast reporting and advice.

Why Choose Us?

Knowmystock is an online platform that provides step-by-step trading guidance, enabling you to trade with greater accuracy while minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

Personalized Support

The opinion we provide will be personalized to your requirement and funds.

A Well versed Guide

A step by step guide on how to trade a stock will reduce risk and increase your return to the maximum.


We charge per opinion. You can choose which stock you need opinion for. Our experts will train you step by step.

For Beginners

Consider us if you are blindly taking calls from various sources.

Save Time

Consider us if you do not have time to analyse your call.

Save Money

Consider us if you are constantly losing money on stock tips, no matter how much you try.

Increase Your Worth

Consider us if you want to learn the proper technique of trading before you lose all your money.


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Things to know about free calls. A Must Read!

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What are Trade Setups and how it can help you.

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Little Bit Of Stats

Here are some facts about how the call system work in India.


No. Of Brokers

00L +

No. Of Calls


Wrong Investments

00L +

Fake Calls

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After 15 years of experience in Trading, we at KnowMyStock have learned techniques and strategies of how not to lose money. We know exactly how to trade a particular stock if we decide to take that call and when to avoid a call.

We do not give any recommendations or calls but only teach you how to trade a particular stock to get maximum reward and reduce the risk to minimum. Based on your requirement, we provide you techniques on how to trade a stock.

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Very Useful for Stock Tips. Being a Retired employee, KnowMyStock has helped me learn basic of Stock trading and helped me take right decision.

Mogral Keshav Rao

Retd. DDG. GSI, India

A couple of times just before investing, I had raised a request for a step to step guide and for my surprise that has helped me a lot in not taking wrong decisions.

Vasudev Bhat

Lead SAP Consultant

KnowMyStock have made me realize that Stock Markets is not just about profits. They have taught me how to handle losses gracefully.


Software Engineer

There are plenty of financial service providers out there, but what I like about KnowMyStock is their after sale customer service.


Software Engineer

Very useful for intraday tips. When so many of them charge heavily for these tips I wonder how they are giving this for free?

Roopa Hande

Business Women

When I first installed their App, I felt there were many ads as it is a free service. With KMS coins, the quality of the app has now improved and we can select to watch an Ad or unlock with coins. It is a great feature. Kudos to the team..